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Repiping Your Home

If your house is plumbed with polybutylene piping we recommend a complete repipe immediately!

Many houses in the St. George Utah area, built between 1978 and 1995, were originally piped with gray polybutylene piping. Polybutylene is a form of plastic resin. Due to the low cost of the material and ease of installation, polybutylene piping systems were viewed as "the pipe of the future" and were used as a substitute for traditional copper piping. This piping system was used for underground water mains and as interior water distribution piping.
Unfortunately, it is believed that oxidants in the public water supplies, such as chlorine, react with the polybutylene piping and fittings causing them to scale, flake, and become brittle. Micro-fractures result, and the basic structural integrity of the system is reduced. The system becomes weak and fails without warning, causing damage to your home and personal property. Don't let this happen to you! If you suspect your house was plumbed with polybutylene pipe we recommend a complete repipe immediately. DLH Plumbing uses Rehau piping and fittings. These systems are guaranteed for LIFE! It's the best stuff on the market and what we use in our own houses!

Q: How many days will a full repipe take to complete?

A: Usually two to three days for a midsize house. DLH Plumbing specializes in repipes and is extremely quick compared to other local companies.

Q: Will I have huge holes in my sheetrock and under my cabinets?

A: We will have to access your plumbing, which does mean cutting holes into your sheetrock. However, these will just be access holes to slide new piping into. We do not usually have to remove huge sections of sheetrock. Small access holes may also be needed underneath cabinets. Repair to your sheetrock will be needed after a repipe.

Q: How many days will I be without water if you have to repipe my whole house?

A: Usually water is only turned off for one day. DLH Plumbing will repipe your entire house, threading new pipe through access holes in your walls, before shutting down your water system. Your water system is only shut down once we are ready to connect to the new piping.

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